Kelly Kamnikar

  • Doctoral Student, Physical Anthropology
  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • MSU Forensic Anthropology Laboratory


Fee Hall

Research Interests

  • forensic anthropology
  • human rights
  • paleopathology
  • human variation
  • ancestry estimation
  • personal identification
  • age estimation

Biographical Info

Kelly is a doctoral student in Physical Anthropology with a focus on Forensic Anthropology. Her research interests include macromorphoscopic trait analysis and methods for identification in humanitarian contexts.

Current Research Projects

The Macromorphoscopic Databank (NIJ 2015-DN-BX-K012)

Landmark and Measurement-based Data Assistant (LAMbDA) –


Kamnikar, K.R., Hefner, J.T., Monsalve, T., Bernal Florez, L.M. (submitted). Craniometric variation in a regional sample from Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia: Implications for forensic work in the Americas. Forensic Science International.

Zuckerman, M.K., Kamnikar, K.R., Herrmann, N.P., Franklin, J. (under review). Applying the Index of Care to the Mississippian Period: A case study of treponemal disease, bodily impairment, and probably caregiving from the Holliston Mills, Site, TN. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology.

Kamnikar, K.R., Plemons, A.M., Spiros, M.C., Hefner, J.T. (under review). Ancestry estimation using morphological characteristics. In: Valdes, J., Quinto Sanchez, M. (Eds.). Avances en Antropologia Forense.

Kamnikar, K.R., Herrmann, N.P., Plemons, A.M. (2018). New approaches to juvenile age estimation in forensics: Application of transition analysis via the Shackelford et al method to a diverse modern subadult sample. Human Biology, 90, 11-30.

Kamnikar, K.R., Plemons, A.M., Hefner, J.T. (2018). Intraobserver Error in Macromorphoscopic Trait Analysis. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 63, 361-370.

Zuckerman, M.K., Kamnikar, K.R., Mathena, S.A. (2014). Recovering the ‘body politic’: A relational ethics of meaning for bioarchaeology. Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 24, 513-522.