Kelly Kamnikar

  • Doctoral Student, Physical Anthropology
  • Graduate Research Assistant


Fee Hall

Research Interests

  • forensic anthropology
  • human rights
  • paleopathology
  • human variation
  • ancestry estimation
  • personal identification
  • age estimation

Biographical Info

Kelly is a doctoral student in Physical Anthropology with a focus on Forensic Anthropology. Her research interests include macromorphoscopic trait analysis and methods for identification in humanitarian contexts.

Current Research Projects

The Macromorphoscopic Databank

Landmark and Measurement-based Data Assistant (LAMbDA) –


(In Press). New approaches to juvenile age estimation in forensics: Application of transition analysis via the Shackelford et al method to a diverse modern subadult sample. KR Kamnikar, NP Herrmann, AM Plemons. Human Biology

2017 Intraobserver Error in Macromorphoscopic Trait Analysis. KR Kamnikar, AM Plemons, and JT Hefner.  Journal of Forensic Sciences