William A. Lovis

  • Professor, Department of Anthropology
  • Curator of Anthropology, MSU Museum
  • Editor, Midwest Archaeological Perspectives Book Series


E-31 McDonel Hall, inside E-37 McDonel Hall

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

  • Hunter Gatherer Archaeology and Ethnography
  • The Transition to Horticulture
  • Applied Theory, Analytic Methods and Research Design
  • Human-Environment Interactions and Regional Taphonomy
  • Paleoenvironmental Change
  • Public Policy including Forensic Archaeology, Law Enforcement Training, and Repatriation
  • Great Lakes/Midwest and Europe

Biographical Info

Professor and Curator Lovis’ research explores the relationship between human economic adaptation and mobility and changing Holocene environments in both the Great Lakes region and northern England. His multidisciplinary perspective includes collaborative experiments on carbonized food residue formation and interpretation of resultant isotope signatures to track the transition from hunting and gathering to horticulture in the Great Lakes. He harbors a continuing interest in applied theory and method, especially as it relates to research design. Dr. Lovis is regularly engaged in issues of public policy, particularly surrounding repatriation at the national level as well as forensic applications including law enforcement training and human remains investigations.Dr. Lovis is currently engaged in multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research into the formation and preservation of stratified archaeological sites within the dynamic coastal dune settings of Lake Michigan. He recently completed a National Park Service grant to support this activity at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. He also continues to engage in research from a decade of fieldwork on Mesolithic sites in Yorkshire with colleagues at the University of Bradford. Dr. Lovis has held numerous elected and appointed offices in professional organizations, and is the recipient of the 2011 Distinguished Career Award from the Midwest Archaeological Conference. He recently accepted the position of inaugural Editor for the Midwest Archaeological Perspectives monograph series, co-sponsored by the Midwest Archaeological Conference, Inc. and the University Press of Notre Dame. Dr. Lovis performs a dual role as Curator of Anthropology at the MSU Museum, with oversight for Great Lakes/Michigan archaeological collections accessible to faculty and students for engaged research, teaching and curation experiences. Most recently, these collections were central to major geoarchaeological syntheses of data from southern Michigan floodplains and Lake Michigan coastal dunes by Dr. Lovis and his collaborators, resulting in predictive models for site burial and preservation, baseline paleoenvironmental information, and planning and heritage management frameworks. Professor Lovis currently advises four advanced doctoral students, will retire in August of 2018, and no longer accepts new advisees.

Current Research Projects

Great Lakes archaeological site taphonomy and preservation, collaborative with A. Arbogast (Geography), G. W. Monaghan (Indiana U-Purdue U), F. Telewski (Botany). Current field projects within Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, keyed to paleoclimatic change.

Collaborative analysis with J. Hart (NYS Museum), K. Tache (Queens College), M. Raviele (US OPM), and others of carbonized food residues on ceramic vessels for assessment of Freshwater Reservoir Offset, diet and subsistence including the introduction of maize, as well as experimentally for residue formation.

Ongoing analyses of Mesolithic sites in Yorkshire with R. Donahue.

Student training in Portable X Ray Florescence analysis of elemental composition of ceramics and lithics, with T. Rooney (Geology).


Books, Monographs, Edited Journal Issues

Lovis, W.A. and R. Whallon (Co-Editor and Contributor) 2016. Marking the Land: Hunter-Gatherer Creation of Meaning in their Environment. Routledge, New York and London. (xiv+297 pp.,figures, references) (hbk ISBN 978-1-138-95099-3; ebk ISBN 978-1-315-66845-1)

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Lovis, W.A., A.F. Arbogast and G.W. Monaghan.  2012.   The Geoarchaeology of Lake Michigan Coastal Dunes.  Environmental Research Series No. 2.  Michigan Department of Transportation, Michigan State University Press, East Lansing.  (xvi+194 pp, figures, references, appendices) (hbk. ISBN 978-1-61186-051-1; ebook ISBN 978-1-60917-348-7)

Whallon, R., W.A. Lovis and R.K. Hitchcock (Co-Editor and Contributor).  2011.  Information and Its Role in Hunter-Gatherer Bands. Ideas, Debates and Perspectives 5.  Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, University of California – Los Angeles, Los Angeles.  (xvi+368 pp., 55 Figures and Plates, References)  (Paper ISBN 978-1-931745-64-2; hbk.  ISBN 978-1-931745-63-5)

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Lovis, W.A. (Editor). 2004. An Upper Great Lakes Archaeological Odyssey: Essays in Honor of Charles E. Cleland. Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bloomfield Hills, MI. (xiv+247 pp) (ISBN 0-87737-045-1)

Selected Articles and Book Chapters Since 2013.

Lovis, W. A..  2018. Preserving Michigan’s Archaeological Heritage: A Cooperative Endeavor.  In Working with Responsible Private Collectors and Collections, edited by M. Shott, M. Seeman, and K. Nolan, pp. 21-28.  Occasional Papers, Volume 3.  Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology, Midwest Archaeological Conference, Inc. (Digital Open Access Publication, Invited and Refereed ISSN 0146-1109)

Hart, J. P., K. Taché, and W. A. Lovis.  2018. Freshwater Reservoir Offsets and Food Crusts: Isotope, AMS, and Lipid Analyses of Experimental Cooking Residues.  PLOS ONE. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0196407 (eISSN 1932-6203, Digital Open Access Publication).

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