Rebecca Meuninck

  • PhD Candidate
  • Environmental Health Campaign Director, Ecology Center and Michigan Network for Children's Environmental Health


339 E Liberty St. Suite 300, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Research Interests

  • Political ecology; Environmental Health; Gender; Neoliberalism; Globalization; Fair Trade; Coffee; Latin America (Central America and Brazil); Environment; Development; Activist networks; NGOs; Production of knowledge. Dissertation Title: Gendered Perceptions and Impacts of Fair Trade on Brazillian Coffee Farmers


Meunninck, R. 2007. Book Review: “Organic Coffee: Sustainable Development by Mayan Farmers” by Maria Elena Martinez-Torres. Agriculture and Human Values 24:415-7.

Meuninck, R. M. Book Review: “Fair Trade and Social Justice: Global Ethnographies,” eds. Sarah Lyon and Mark Moberg.  Environment and Society. 2011. Print.