Emily Milton

  • Graduate Research Assistant for Kurt Rademaker


Instagram: paleoandes

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

  • Environmental Archaeology
  • Stable Isotopes
  • Method Development for Archaeological Investigations
  • Digital Applications of Archaeological Curation and Outreach
  • Geographic Information Systems

Biographical Info

Emily is a graduate student in archaeology working in the Central Andes of Peru. She is interested in initial biogeographic expansions into mountainous regions. She studies post-glacial human-environment interactions, how changing climates impacted human mobility strategies, and how this contributed to the settlement of the Andes.

Current Research Projects

Developing A New Method for Seasonality at Andean Highland Sites: Preliminary Investigations at Cuncaicha Rockshelter, Pucuncho Basin, Peru

Chronology, seasonality, and inter-zonal connections in a Terminal Pleistocene-Early Holocene settlement system, southern Peru