Blog #1: A Little Bit About Me..

Hi, I’m Faith and I’m an anthropology major.  I am very interested in the sociocultural and linguistic sub-fields within my major.  This will be my fourth year here at State and I’m excited to graduate and spend some time in the real world.  It has taken me a few years of significant major changes to finally find what was right for me.  I spent my freshman year at Western Michigan University for aviation flight science.  Ever since I was in the 3rd grade I had always wanted to become a commercial pilot.  During high school I attended flight school and successfully completed a few solo cross country flights.  After spending time at Western, however, I realized that a pilot’s lifestyle was not for me and I wanted to pursue something else.  My sophomore year I studied advertising and public relations and went on one of MSU’s study abroad programs last summer in Italy and France.
Now, as an anthropology major, I am not sure exactly what I want to do with this degree, but I have so many interests and passions that I am positive I will find something that I love doing.  But, I’ve been looking into doing something dealing with cultural transition and adjustment for international students/employees.  I enjoy tutoring international students in English and do quite a bit of tutor volunteering currently.  As of now, my plan is to apply to teach English in South Korea  for a year after I graduate.  I was adopted from Daegu and I hope to take a personal pilgrimage back to where I was born!
Some of my interests and activities outside of school include being active outside in the sun, taking long walks, boating, writing, reading and much more!  I love trying new things, whether it be different foods or cliff jumping.  I also very much enjoy traveling and learning new languages.   🙂

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  1. Hey Faith. Flight school while in high school? Really? Thats awesome. Wish I had been that ambitious when I was in high school. As for teaching English in Korea – thats a great idea. One of my close friends as an undergrad (who is now a post-doc in East Asian archaeology at Harvard) spent several years teaching English in Korea. Really helped to sharped his scholarly interests

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