Introduction: Alexis

Hello Everyone! My name is Alexis.  I will be starting my junior year in the fall as an Anthropology B.S. major (pre-med focused).  I transferred to MSU this past January and I absolutely love the campus!  I’m originally from Ann Arbor and yes, I’m a HUGE University of Michigan fan! I decided to come to MSU because of the excellent programs that are offered and I needed to broaden my horizons by leaving the city I’m in love with, Ann Arbor.  After graduation I hope to attend medical school and eventually become a dermatologist.  I would like to use Anthropology towards my career goals of improving skin disorders for multiethnic people.  I strongly believe that our country will be one with mainly individuals of multiethnicities during my lifetime and the time to prepare for medical treatments for this diverse group of people is now.  The best way in mind to make this happen is to understand how the environment has affected humans, and how we have used it to better our lives to create a plan for the present and future generations.

This summer I am at University of Kansas participating in a Molecular Biology research internship with four other students from across the nation.  Every weekday I work a full day in the lab with an immortal cancer cell line called HeLa.  It’s a really famous cell line and if anyone has the time they should read the book about how it all began (“Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”).  I’m reading it now and really enjoying it.

I’m hoping to learn a lot in this class.  As a little girl I was obsessed with the famous Queen Cleopatra and Egypt.  Now that I am older and understand the nation better, I would like to understand the roots to the people and culture.

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  1. Welcome to the class Alexis! The research internship sounds great. I’m an enormous believer in the “doing as a way of knowing” philosophy – the idea that you can get far more experience building/doing something than passively studying it.

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