Hello Professor Watrall and Fellow Students, My name is Dewanda Fortune and I’m in my third year here at Michigan State University. My major is Anthropology but like several college students I’m not quite sure what I want to do in that field yet. I have taken several anthropology courses, mainly socio-cultural anthropology courses, and find myself wanting to explore other areas. Next semester I will be making the decision on what area of anthropology I want to focus on so I decided to dab into the area of Archaeology.  Archaeology of Ancient Egypt is my first Archaeology class and I look forward to exploring this field of anthropology.

I am mostly interested in Physical Anthropology, specifically forensics. This interest probably originates from my love of TruTv (which I’m sure many anthropologist hates). Making time to watch at least an hour of Forensic Files is all the leisure I usually get. However, when I do get a break from college I like to hang by the beach and chill with friends. I just got back from Miami Beach and had a blast laying out soaking up the sun, shopping, eating, and sipping…(lets just leave it at that).

When I am not in class, I’m usually at work. I work in the SRL on campus where I conduct health interviews. I take classes year round and currently enrolled in this class and Geography 206 (which I think ties well with each other). I like how the class is set up so that we can share our input openly and I am looking forward to gaining knowledge on the history of ancient Egypt especially the mortuary practices. So, good luck fellow students and to Professor Watrall I’m looking forward to receiving the knowledge you’re sharing for this course as well as the knowledge the fellow students will contribute to the course.

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  1. Hey Dewanda…welcome to the class! If you are interested in both physical anthropology and archaeology, you might want to look into bioarchaeology or mortuary archaeology. Professor Lynne Goldstein specializes in both areas, and a bunch of our PhD students are working in that area.

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