What intrigued me the most from this week lecture, is the appearance of the Hyksos. The Hyksos are people from western Asia who became the first foreign rulers of Egyptian soil. There was just a sudden appearance of people with a different appearance and style of dress moving to Egypt. What drew them to this land? It seems as if they just migrated to Egypt, shared their thoughts, and eventually took control. Why did the Egyptians allow them to just come and rule their land? The lecture says that there was no evidence of war, and in fact they were accepted. When they did come Egypt was dealing with the internal pressure of having weak rulers. Maybe the Egyptians accepted them because they believed they could bring prosperity, which they did eventually do. Evidence of the Hyksos using the Egyptian writing styles to write their non-Egyptian names and seals hints that the two ethnicities were working together because Who was teaching the writing style? The Hyksos friendliness and Egyptians acceptance brought about this mixture of cultures. Through diffusion the population, burials, ceramics, and weaponry were changing. I found it interesting that they combined their practices. For example how the burials had Egyptian like chapels but contained female remains which was a non Egyptian practice. It seems as if they were just there to stabilize the Egyptian economy. While stabilizing they just adopted some of the practices. I think the Egyptians got what they wanted from the Hyksos then were jealous of their success. The problem came because of the Hyksos –who controlled the north-had an alliance with the Nubians-who controlled the south-, which sandwiched the Egyptians. They began to protest complaining about their territory being taken. If the Hyksos were friendly people who were bettering the economy, why fuss now?

One thought on “Non-Egyptians

  1. I wonder if the Hyksos were invaders or warriors who traveled to different countries to either invade them or make alliances with the people. Of course, they didn’t fight the Egyptians when they arrived, so that seems to imply that they were peaceful people. On the other hand, I wonder what they would have done if the Egyptians told them to leave. Would they have simple moved on, or made a fight of it? Perhaps you are right when you mention the Egyptians welcoming them in because they needed a change in the way things were going in Egypt (the fact that there cultures seemed to be mixing emphasizes this point). Still, I would think the Egyptians might be suspicious of outsiders becoming so prominent in their own country. No matter how bad things were going, wouldn’t they have wanted to preserve their own way of life/traditions? And when exactly did the Egyptians discover that the Hyksos were friends with the Nubians? If they had known this right off the bat, would they have allowed the Hyksos into their country, or resisted them? Or maybe they knew this from the beginning, but they decided to take a chance on letting the Hyksos in so their country could be improved? No matter what they were thinking, evidently, the point eventually came when they decided to get rid of the Hyksos before they found themselves between a rock and a hard place.

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