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It is a really difficult task to try to pinpoint what aspect of Egyptian archaeology that was discussed in this class is the most important. Personally, I really enjoyed learning about the different cultures that inhabited Ancient Egypt so I feel that learning about the different cultures is the most important aspect of Egyptian archaeology.  I feel as though the best way to learn more about a specific area is to learn more about the people who once inhabitant the region.  By studying archaeological excavations, we can learn a lot about the religion, social complexity, trading practices, etc, of the culture who used to live at the site.  Specifically, I think that excavating and studying burial grounds is the most efficient way learn more about culture because how someone is buried and the objects they are buried with can really tell you a lot.  For example, simply by looking at the headstones you can learn more about the deceased’s economic and social status.  Also, as stated by archaeologist Lewis Binford, we can get an idea of the social complexity of a culture by looking at the elaboration of the grave.  In other words, the more decorative the grave, the more complex the society was.  Although this is not always the case, as suggested by the criticisms people have concerning Binford’s proposed theory, it is a good indicator.  However, other people may argue that studying the architecture of a site is the best way to learn about what went on in that location long ago.  But, for example, how can you learn about social complexity and trading practices that occur within a culture simply by looking at architecture?  In my opinion, studying culture, specifically with the help of burial ground excavations, is the most important topic in Egyptian archaeology because it is the best way to do what archaeology is supposed to do – study human society through material culture.




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