Week 7 Schedule

  • Week 6 Intro Video [watch]

Week 7 Topics:

  • The Late Period
  • The Greco Roman Period

Week 7 Lecture Videos

Week 7 Readings

Week 7 Assignments

  • Blog #7 Due (post Due 8/16 by 5pm, response due 8/18 before midnight)
  • Research Article Due (8/18 before midnight)

11 thoughts on “Week 7 Schedule

    • I actually need to work a little on compression next time around so that the files aren’t quite so large. I’m also probably going to offer more video options (not just FLV)

      • Looks like you were eating space with the video bit rate (~1536 kb/s). There should be a setting for that where you pick your codec (in this case VP6F aka On2’s VP6.2). You may get away with half or a quarter of that.

        That number tells the codec how hard it should try to stay lean. Big numbers look great, but make huge files. Small numbers cut corners for small files.

        What corners get cut depends on the codec. Ones that preserve motion above all else will trip on still frames. Ones that preserve detail will leave trails of junk where big things move.
        A lesser setting you probably shouldn’t care about is keyframe interval, which ensures the picture is perfect every so often: when that gets too low there’s ugliness when seeking.

  1. David, I live in New Mexico and loved the class. I put all the audio files and slides on my ipad and have listened to the entire course on my commute to work. I looked at the slides before and/or after listening to a class. Thank you so much for doing this, your effort is truly appreciated.

    • I’m actually thinking about putting the entire class up on iTunesU (so that its more easily consumed using a mobile device). Next time around, it is also likely that I’m going to offer the audio separately so people can listen on their mp3 player of choice.

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