Annual GSA Symposium

The GSA Annual Symposium is a yearly set of presentations by MSU Anthropology graduate students and professors to showcase their current research. This event is organized by the GSA officers and takes place in the early Spring semester. This has become and important and valuable tool for students and faculty across sub-discliplines to connect, given our tendencies to present research at conferences to our specific fields. It is our hope that understanding the full breadth of research being conducted within our department will serve to broaden our views as anthropologists and initiate productive conversations among colleagues.

Additionally, the symposium is meant to give graduate students and faculty an opportunity to practice and receive feedback on upcoming conference presentations, thesis/dissertation ideas, grant proposals, and more. We believe that this platform creates an environment that facilitates departmental fellowship, as well as seeing the awesome research that everyone has been conducting.

Below are the schedules and abstracts from previous symposia.