Graduate Student Highlight

October/November 2014 Graduate Student Highlight

Sabrina Perlman, 3rd year PhD Student

My name is Sabrina Perlman and I am a third year PhD student here at MSU’s Department of Anthropology. My concentration is medical anthropology, and my research focuses on diabetes in Ghana. I am examining the global and local economic influences on chronic illness as well as the everyday experiences of self-managing diabetes, especially for women in poverty. I spent 8 weeks in Cape Coast, Ghana this past summer studying Twi as a FLAS Fellow and conducting preliminary research in a regional hospital.  I interviewed diabetic patients and nurses and conducted participant observation in the hospital’s diabetes clinic. I stayed with a great host family. We had so much fun together and still keep in touch. I’ll be going back next fall to conduct my dissertation research in a hospital in Kumasi.

Outside of the department, I am a Language Mentor Fellow at the Residential College of Arts and Humanities (RCAH). I hold a weekly 2 hour language immersion session with RCAH students who are learning American Sign Language. My parents are deaf so ASL was my first language. It’s really fun to work closely with undergraduate students as well as use my ASL because I was getting a little rusty. The RCAH has a language proficiency requirement, and these language immersion sessions are a way to integrate language learning into the curriculum rather than just limiting it to the traditional classroom setting. It’s also nice to develop my teaching strategies and gain experience for my future career.

Sabrina Perlman with her Host Family in Ghana

Sabrina Perlman with her Host Family in Ghana

Sabrina Perlman in Ghana

Sabrina Perlman in Ghana

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