2018-2019 GSA Officers

Co-Presidents: Jack Biggs & Kelly Kamnikar

The presidents of the GSA serves as the Chair of all GSA meetings, prepare meeting agendas, conduct all meetings in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, appoint committee chairs for special projects as requires, oversee all GSA activities, and attend all faculty meetings.

Vice President: Amber Plemons

The vice president of the GSA serves as acting president in the absence of the elected president, serves as the chair of the nominating and election committee, is responsible for GSA elections, monitors committee representatives participation in their respective committee affairs, and attends all faculty meetings that the president cannot attend.

Information Officer: Micayla Spiros

The information officer GSA records and posts minutes of all meetings, is responsible for mailings, meeting notices, miscellaneous announcements and other official written business, and must maintain yearly GSA files.

Treasurer: Elena Watson

The treasurer of the GSA maintains the treasury accounts, prepares monthly treasury reports for approval at general meetings, disburses funds, and is responsible for income generating activities.

Departmental Committee Positions:

Council of Graduate Students (COGS) Representative: Micayla Spiros; Alternate: Abi Buchanan

The COGS representative represents the ANP department for the council. COGS is the graduate student government at MSU and has multiple responsibilities within the university community. This is a key position for having ANP graduate student opinions voiced at the administrative level. COGS representatives must also serve on one other COGS committee and attend monthly COGS meetings, in addition to attending GSA meetings.

GEU Steward: Jeff Burnett
The GEU steward is the representative for the ANP graduate students with the Graduate Employees Union. Requires attending GEU meetings and involvement in GEU activities, in addition to GSA meetings.

Communications Committee: OPEN