Welcome to ISS 220!

Hello class! This is Jennifer. I am one of the TA’s in the class. I helped Dr. O’Gorman get the content created and organized, and I will (for the  most part) be running things here. You are, of course, welcome to contact Dr. O’Gorman if you need to. But for most class issues, I am the ones you will probably want to contact first. See the “Contact” page for more information.

I thought I would write a quick blog post in order to introduce myself. I am a PhD candidate here at MSU. I am technically in the physical anthropology program, but I have actually studied archaeology throughout my entire career as a student (both undergrad and grad). I got my BA from Minnesota State University Moorhead, where I concentrated on archaeological geophysics. I have since moved on to focus on the bioarchaeology of the midwest United States. Bioarchaeology is the study of human skeletal remains from archaeological contexts. My dissertation research explores the biocultural effects of increasing social complexity in prehistoric West Central Illinois. I got my MA from MSU in 2009 and I am finnishing up my dissertation this summer.

Keep an eye on this blog. It is a good place for all of us to communicate with each other. Feel free to post and answer course-related questions if you think it will benefit the entire class. Also, I will be making course announcements here, and I may from time to time post info on relevant research and fun web resources that you might want to explore. You should check this site and the ANGEL site very often.

Now, go ahead and explore your online resources and get started on your tasks! The “About the Class” page will give you a basic introduction to the course and how it works. Read this and let me know if there is anything you don’t understand. Check out the “Schedule” page for specific assignments and for a rough timetable for course completeion. Remember, CHECK THIS SITE AND ANGEL OFTEN!!!! I hope you enjoy this class!