Getting Started- READ THIS!!!

OK all….

I just sent out the log in and password information to view the videos for the class. I also sent out the links to video tutorials for how to use this site. In case you missed them, they are in the blog post right below this one. You have received emails about the basics of how this site works, and how the ANGEL site will work. But, in case there is any remaining confusion, I want to tell you explicitly what you should be doing right now…

First, go to “Resources” on ANGEL and read the syllabus. Much of the same information is also on the “About the Course” tab on this website. When you are done, view the course intro video, which you can see by clicking on the schedule tab on this site, choosing “unit 1-Week 1,” and clicking “Course Introduction Video.” You need to enter the log in and password I sent out via email. Please check your email messages AND announcements in ANGEL before you ask Kristin or me to resend this information.

When you are done with the Course Introduction Video, go to ANGEL under “Lessons” and find the Unit 1 guide. Save it, or print it, or just open it. Follow along with this Unit 1 Guide as you watch the video “Unit 1 Introduction”, the link to which is found under the Schedule tab (Unit 1-Week 1) on the WordPress site, just like the Course Intro Video. The video will walk you through Unit 1 materials. If you are still confused as to where to find stuff, I also posted a “cheat sheet” on ANGEL, right below the regular Unit 1 guide. The cheat sheet is called “Unit 1 Guide with extra guidance.”

After you work through everything under “Unit 1-Week 1” on the schedule tab, work through everything on “Unit 1- week 2.” Then move on to “Unit 2-Week 3” and so on and so forth. REMEMBER- anything that is graded (worksheets, quizzes, writing assignments) MUST be submitted through ANGEL. You should be able to find the appropriate places to submit these things easily on ANGEL under the Lessons tab. ALSO- do not forget that this is a self-paced course. There are no due dates…just have everything done by AUGUST 16. I suggest that you stick to the weekly schedule outlined by the WordPress site, but that is entirely up to you.

Good luck with the course.