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Today I found this website, and I would like to share it
with the class.


It is called “Understanding Race” and it was put together by the American Anthropological Association. As we learned in this class, there is no biological basis for dividing humans into races. However, race IS a social reality, and it has real consequences in people’s lives.

This site divides the broad topic of human race studies into three parts: History, Human Variation, and Lived Experience. Each of these
sections has videos, quizzes, and activities designed to help us learn about
the race concept from social and biological perspectives. I particularly
enjoyed the “Global Census” activity under the Lived Experience
heading. It shows you how different countries have different race categories on their census, which highlights the fact that there is no single, correct scheme that we can use to categorize people from a racial perspective.

I think this website is well done and appropriate for a general audience. It is easy to understand and the activities and videos are
fun and informative.