Susan Savage-Rumbaugh’s TED talk on Bonobos

So I’m pretty obsessed with TED talks, and this one is awesome (and fairly applicable to our course).  You can see a little bit of a better version of it on Netflix (if you have it) but this will do.  The clip chronicles her work with her small troop of bonobos, more specifically her male Kanzi, who is adapting to human speech, learning how to drive a golf cart, developing symbols,  making stone tools, and beginning to start a fire (with a lighter, of course).

I think this is fantastic, Susan’s talk provides a nice anatomical overview of the bonobo’s ease of a bipedal gait over the chimpanzee which is briefly touched on in our lectures.

(I embedded the video here, but you should definitely go check out the  site!- Kristin)

2 thoughts on “Susan Savage-Rumbaugh’s TED talk on Bonobos

  1. This video is cool! I had no idea that these types of studies took place. I found it so interesting that they were able to use a liter, trim hair with scissors, drive a golf cart, and draw with chalk! It’s amazing how similar they are to humans! Interesting blog post!

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