Above is the link to an extremely interesting you-tube video that shows a clip of a modern gorilla walking upright! Gorillas are essentially “knuckle walkers” as well all have learned, and their arms are longer than their legs. They are specialized for terrestrial quadrupedal motion, for walking on the back of their knuckles. So what do we think everyone, is this just a very unique, possibly mutated gorilla or is this another step in evolution taking it’s toll on this special ape?

This link pertains to this class because it is involving one of our distant ancestors and something that doesn’t usually pertain to this group: bipedalism, a major milestone for hominids that developed millions of years ago. I liked this clip because it could mean a lot for gorillas and ultimately impact everyone and everything. This is exactly what evolution ultimately ends up doing. l found this clip while looking for an interesting post to share with the class. 🙂 Hope you all enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Gorilla…Bipedal?

  1. Wow! That’s really cool. He’s probably got some sort of pathology that makes him walk on two legs. He’s awkward-looking and his pelvis is making a pretty strange accommodation. He kind of waddles. I wonder if he tires easier than the other adult male gorillas?

  2. Yeah I just looked at what you posted, so cool! Glad you both like it 🙂

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