The Japanese Macaque

After watching “Life in the Trees” by David Attenborough in Unit Two, I became interested in learning more about the Japanese Macaque.  I went on Youtube and found a short, 5-minute video on these interesting monkeys…

These monkeys reside in the Japanese Alps where temperatures drop to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Japanese Macaque has dense, thick layers of fur that help it withstand the brutal temperatures.  They are clever primates that have acquired different ways of foraging for the limited food in the region.  The Japanese Alps were made by volcanoes that are still active.  Within the volcanoes exists hot, thermal springs that the Macaque’s flock to avoid the brutal cold.  The springs reach a staggering 106 degrees Fahrenheit, but not all are welcome to enjoy the ‘spa.’  The Japanese Macaque’s have a rank-based society.  Only the highest ranking Macaque’s and their infants are welcome to enjoy the springs.  Others are forced out if they try to trespass.  Throughout the video, the monkeys groom one another; this promotes social cohesion (Unit Two).  Overall, I truly enjoyed this video.  I learned a lot more about this interesting monkey; this video portrays how the Macaque’s had to adapt to such irregular extremes, through time and space.  Visibly, they are successful.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this video as well. Goes to show another example of how primates can be, with hierachies and stratification. They are also shown to have increased intelligence by their methods of foraging for food. They are smart enough to know that insects harvest in the waters, which are suitable for them to go in during harsh months. This video was interesting and definitely pertains to some of what we learned in this course! Thanks!

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