‘Most significant’ fossils in N.S. found by family walking dog


This article is mainly about a family living in Nova Scotia out for a walk with their dog has found the most significant piece of fossils. i found it when i was browsing online news and I thought this is really interesting and rare.

In the lecture, we have spent a lot of time talking about how fossil evidences prove the existence of some creatures and where they have been found also plays an important role in history as well.

The interesting part about this article is when the fossil evidence was found, the family was walking their dog and they did not even overlook the rock they saw. And after one week, they also found another one. This is kinda coincident. Maybe those fossils are meant to the found by that family.




Was Narmada valley the centre of human evolution



When i was browsing the news on website, I saw this article related to the lecture. We are learning human evolution and the article is about the origin of human evolution.

Briefly, this article talks about the origin of human evolution and where it started and later spread through the world. Professor K Krishnan, the head of MSU’s Department of Archaeology and Ancient history said, “This project may throw new light giving credence to the belief that the Narmada Valley could have been the centre of human evolution,”The credence of this news is not simply made by nothing, more fossils have been collected to prove this credibility and more researches have been done as well.

I think this article shows the spirit of science and history – pursuing truth all the time. More and more fossils have been studied in order to reveal the real center of human evolution.