Above is the link to an extremely interesting you-tube video that shows a clip of a modern gorilla walking upright! Gorillas are essentially “knuckle walkers” as well all have learned, and their arms are longer than their legs. They are specialized for terrestrial quadrupedal motion, for walking on the back of their knuckles. So what do we think everyone, is this just a very unique, possibly┬ámutated gorilla or is this another step in evolution taking it’s toll on this special ape?

This link pertains to this class because it is involving one of our distant ancestors and something that doesn’t usually pertain to this group: bipedalism, a major milestone for hominids that developed millions of years ago. I liked this clip because it could mean a lot for gorillas and ultimately impact everyone and everything. This is exactly what evolution ultimately ends up doing. l found this clip while looking for an interesting post to share with the class. ­čÖé Hope you all enjoy!

Introduction to Human Evolution


Above is the link to a website I found that covers and focuses on Human Evolution. I discovered it by browsing around on google for interesting websites or resources pertaining to some of our class content and this was what I liked best. This website I felt was not only informational but also reputable and interesting. It was originally founded by IHO (The Institute of Human Origins) in the year of 2000 and has since continued to develop by the help of many researchers and scientists.

The website’s main purpose is to explore human lineage through time and to look deeper into human evolution. It includes interactive features for more of a ‘hands-on’, fun approach to understanding the material it presents. Some of these include a timeline of human lineage over many years (this is my favorite aspect of the website), a presentation of some of the earliest tools that humans used and a documentary on human evolution as a whole. All of these things were touched on in Unit 1 of this class so I felt this website to be very fitting. I think this website is definitely effective and provides a good introduction on some of the basic fundamentals of human evolution.

Hopefully you all can take a look around the site and enjoy it just like I did! ­čÖé