ISS 220 Course Introduction

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8 thoughts on “ISS 220 Course Introduction

  1. I get the message “200, Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound”
    for all the videos I checked so far.
    I’m using the latest Mac OSX Lion, latest Chrome and Safari web browsers(checked both), and the latest Flash Player.

    Any solutions?

  2. I tried to watch this instruction video clip but it required me a username and password. I tried on with my user name and password for this web site and one that is given by e-mail from professor which is “student” and “29rax—” but both did not work. How can I get in??

    • I’ve confirmed that the password works fine. Here is something to try: sometimes, if you enter the password incorrectly the first time, your browser will remember that incorrect password. To fix this issue, clear your browser cache (cookies & saved paswords), close down your browser, open it up again, and then try again. You should be prompted for the password again. Make sure you enter the correct pasword (the one sent out by your instructor).

  3. I cannot log in to the site, and keep getting the message “200, net stream not found…”, could I be incorrectly entering in my password?

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