Unit 1: Week 1

Week 1: UNIT 1, Section 1: Fundamentals: Anthropology and Natural Selection (Week of July 2)

  1. LECTURE VIDEO: Course Introduction Video [download]
  2. LECTURE VIDEO: Unit 1 Introduction (follow along on the Unit One Guide, which you can find on ANGEL). [download]
  3. LECTURE VIDEO: Why Anthropology & Science? [download]
  4. Read chapter 1
  5. Do Assignment One and submit. The assignment and a place to submit your answer are posted on ANGEL (Unit 1>Section 1>Section 1 Worksheet).
  6. Read chapters 2-3 and view the Powerpoint – Darwin and Natural Selection
  7. LECTURE VIDEO: Darwin & Natural Selection [download]
  8. View the short film “Who was Darwin?
  9. Define and make sure you understand the terms from chapters 1-3 and Lecture Videos
  10. Complete section 1 Quiz
  11. Outline and begin work on Unit 1 writing assignment (see Unit 1 Guide for topic and details).

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