Unit 3: Week 5

Week 5: UNIT 3, Section 5: Defining Human (Week of July 30)

  1. LECTURE VIDEO: Unit Three Introduction (follow along on the Unit Three Guide, which you can find on ANGEL). [download]
  2. LECTURE VIDEO: The Emergence of the Genus Homo [download]
  3. Read Chapter 9
  4. LECTURE VIDEO: Homo sapiens and the Upper Paleolithic [download]
  5. Read Chapter 11
  6. VIDEOBecoming Human Part 2 [download]
  7. Complete worksheet (Unit 3>section 5>Section 5 Worksheets>Becoming Human Part 2 Worksheet).
  8. Human Adaptability- View the Smithsonian Institution’s online exhibit “Climate and Human Evolution” (http://humanorigins.si.edu/research/climate-research) and complete accompanying worksheet (Unit 3>section 5>Section 5 worksheets>Human Adaptability Worksheet).
  9. Complete section 5 quiz on ANGEL.
  10. Outline and begin work on Unit 3 writing assignment (see Unit 3 Guide for topic and details).


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