Unit 3: Week 6

Week 6: UNIT 3, Section 6: From the Ice Age to today (Week of August 6)

  1. PDF: The Evolution and Nature of Modern Humanity (Because of a known software error, this will not load properly in Google Chrome.  However, it will load just fine in Firefox or Safari)
  2. Read Chapter 10
  3. Read the short article Myth of the Hunter Gatherer and complete accompanying worksheet (Unit 3>section 6>Myth of the Hunter Gatherer Worksheet).
  4. LECTURE VIDEO: The Origins of Agriculture and the Evolution of Civilization [download]
  5. Read Chapters 12 and 13
  6. Modern Diversity and Variation – Revisit pages 341-348 in Chapter 10. Explore the website “Race: Are We So Different?” (http://www.understandingrace.org/lived/index.html). (I posted a guide for exploring the website. Find it on ANGEL). Read the American Anthropological Association statement on race (http://www.aaanet.org/stmts/racepp.htm).
  7. Take Section 6 Quiz on ANGEL.
  8. Complete and submit Unit 3 writing assignment. See Unit Guide for topic.

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