Blog Post #2

This is a very interesting question; however, I make the declaration from the beginning that I am purely speculating. That is, to this end, I could not 100% definitively answer this question without speculating in some regard. There are a variety of reasons anthropologists study living primates. One of the main reasons is because living primates are considered ‘near-human’, and this allows anthropologists to develop a better understanding of from where humans originate. In one of the video lectures, we saw that many people believe that humans evolved from monkeys, without clarifying the underlying details. We learned that they both originate from a common ancestor; to this end, and through this lens, we are able to formulate a better understandings to the origin of humans. This seems to be the main study of anthropologists after all; utilizing old records in order to make predictions about the future in terms of human development. By studying living primates, anthropologists are able to examine current records to find patterns that arise in the past. Moreover, this pertains to the accordance of fossil records. As we continue to explore the ways in which living primates interact, and how cultures are formed, this also leaves an imprint on our knowledge on where we came from. This supports the genuine consideration that history often times repeats itself. Moreover, this evolution process we know is abound to continue; therefore, we should study the past. It is important that anthropologists study living primates because they are the most recent form of near-human species through evolution. Seeing from where they came through fossil records is important in predicting to where they’re heading. Analogously, this is important because it allows us a medium through which we can make predictions about humans and to what end we’re heading. This is what I mean when I say that history repeats itself, but furthermore, I think that it generally means we can always learn. This is the key facet through some remedial anthropological studies: humans have an innate ability to continue learning; accounting for the rate that which they learn, this amounts to a plethora of information of which to make other inferences based upon.

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