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I believe that the reason anthropologist study living primates is simply so we can learn more about ourselves. Granted, there’s a lot more to it than just that. By studying living primates we can learn more about our past, how we are related to said primate, and potentially see where we are going as a species. This is assuming we are heading in the same direction of the primate we are studying.

I’m starting with learning about the past because I believe this is the biggest point. It seems as humans we are more interested in the past than the future. The past has a lot to tell us and all we need to do is find a way to decipher the millions of clues. I say this because we can truly learn from anything and everything. For example, by looking at fossils we were able to find out that the continents were in fact connected at one point in time. That was all discovered at the very beginning too; the possibilities are endless. By looking into the past we are able to identify that primates came from an ancestor that lived in the trees. Today when I think of primates, some of the main ones that come to mind still live in trees; orangutans and lemurs. Furthermore, by studying primates we are able to see how closely we are related. For example, we know chimpanzees, gorillas, and humans all came from a common ancestor, Hominidae. From there we can observe and study to see how closely we are related to them. Humans and chimpanzees are closely related because they compare relatively closely in anatomy and genetics. I find this interesting that we are related to an animal that still roams the planet today. Even more interesting to me is the fact that even though we are closely related to them, we still keep these intelligent animals locked up in zoos. Finally, by looking at old species and examining their fossils and seeing how they lived and coming up with theories for why they went extinct we can learn from them. We are also able to track and further prove evolution to the skeptics by showing them the primates we derived from. Having a rough idea of where humans are going as a whole is and will be beneficial for society and we can thank our primate ancestors for helping us come up with these concepts.

In conclusion this is my take on why anthropologist study living primates. I think it’s important to note how much we can learn from them. Anytime new scientific facts come out about humans or primates we can thank the anthropologist working tirelessly to study the two species.

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  1. Surely, I also have some ideas about the reason that anthropologist study living primates. Well, in our commonly mind, primates have many similarities with human. Just thought about the first time when we saw organs in zoo. While they eating, using their hands to pull down the banana, the action was really likely to human. And in a group of primates, like monkeys, they have a leader, which can lead them to active, just like humans’ society. So that studying the primates, it will provide anthropologist a comparatively easy way to know human’s behavior. And more, primates are the highest level in mammals. There are totally eleven sections, fifty-one categories, and one hundred and eighty species. They evolved fingers to help them live in the tree. By fossils, most of primates’ are obviously close to humans’. This provides us a useful way to learn our past. We are more care on our past rather than future, since we are curious about how we come, and how we can evolve to todays’ look like. Truly, primates are kind of different in their life style like live habit, or prey behavior, but they are useful for human to learn about their evolution history.

  2. What a well written blog post. I liked how you added the fact about how we were able to learn from our past that the continents were not always how they were today. That understanding shook the world when it was first discovered and has been the accepted theory ever since. Without the fossil record it might not have been so well excepted. Personally, I think that it is crazy how looking and studying other primates that we can learn more about ourselves. In American culture is it normal that we live with only one mate and for the rest of ours lives, only moving on if the mate dies or more currently happening, divorce. However, there are little pockets in our society that it is alright to have many wives/mates. Who knows what is the right way, because we see both behaviors in other primates.
    Also I love the fact about the zoo, I couldn’t agree with you more. Not sure if you follow the sea world situation but they have agreed to not get anymore Orca whales after the current ones have past away, Yay!
    Lastly, the major point you had in your post was about learning from the past and that there is never enough to learn from it, really resonated with me because I believe that knowledge is the true and only power and without it we are all doomed. Thank you for the good read!

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