Bonus Blog II

Anthropologists study living primates for many reasons. One reason is to study primates is that the more we know about them the better we can protect them. Once we know certain things about a primate we can conserve their environment from human invasions  such as poaching, foresting, and capturing primates for pets. Without studying these primates, human expansion can completely wipe out whole species.

Also learning more about living primates can tell us a little about ourselves. The differences between different primates shows us the effects of life styles can have on similar animals to us. Such as the Night Monkey developed huge eyes that can see in the dark so that they can hunt for fruit in the security of the night. Also we can learn that the diets of our relatives can effect, overtime, dental patterns throughout the species. Another aspect of studying primates that can help us, is observing the social aspects of primates lives and compare it to ourselves. Personally, I see all the types of the social systems in the human race but the most popular is the pair-bonded system. I believe that the type of social system of humans depends of the culture that you are involved and raised in, therefor it is always good to have an open mind when it comes to social behaviors.

The information from the research of primates sheds some light on the fossil record and the process of evolution of primates. The variation of primates shows us that we are for sure the result of evolution. The brains of primates are unusually large which gives us an advantage in our changing environment because some of us can manipulate certain things to our benefit. The fact that our ancestors were arboreal and gave us the mobility to move where we need to in trees  was an amazing adaptation. As well as the conditioning for humans to run long distanced while hunting prey and wait until the prey has tired is one that might have been a species saver back in the primitive times.  One of the greatest evolutionary trait, I believe, is the hands and their ability to do so much. With studying primates we learn about how we came to be and where, possibly, we are heading towards.

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