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There are many categories of evidence that support the classifications of the hominid species. We have their dietary ecology and their dental formula, which tells us a lot to help determine if they are apart of the hominid species. They both let us know what type of food they ate and how they ate them. In the lecture it was discussed how the AfAfricanus canine tooth was wear down only on the tip, leading us to come to the conclusion it was a part of the hominid species. Another category of evidence was the brain size. The brain size of the hominid species were larger than the apes brain size. The increase brain size and the complexity of the brain help us conclude it was one of the first humans. In the lecture it was discussed how the Afarensis brain size was 380-435cc and the Africanus brain size was 450cc. This shows the evolution of the brain size as the hominid species continued to develop. Evidence such as the skeletal parts found and human bodies today were found in the hominid species back than. The shape of the hands were similar and the bones were similar. Also the functions were the same as well, In the Africanus the hand had the power grip and that is found and modern humans today. Finally we have the fossil locomotion. With he fossils they found back than they were able to determine how they moved around. Evidence that suggest it is a hominid species is the bipedal locomotion. If the fossils they found walked on their two feet it was evidence it belonged in the hominid species category.

In the article Strange New Kin they talk about the discovery of Homo Naledi. The skeletal of the Homo Naledi had the same skeletal as us humans. It had the hand bones and the length of our arms not the long ones as if it was a monkey/ape like skeletal. The brain size was small but they still declared it a hominid species because of the other evidence and how it was right one. This discovery is similar to the discovery of the hominid species we discussed in the lectures because they looked for the same type of evidence to make a conclusion on whether or not it was a hominid species.

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