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The categories of evidence that support the classification off any given species of hominid are the use of tools, large brain size, hand grip, bipedal locomotion and dental records. Hominids have a larger brain size than their close relatives making the skull larger to fit their larger brain. This is an easy identification because we have recovered many facial parts of early hominids. Hominids are also known be be able to use materials from their environment to their advantages, such as stone tools in most primitive homo species to Chimpanzees using sticks to get ants out of an ant hill to consume. The grips of hominids are very specialized, in most homo species you see the precise grip as well as the strong grip which lets us do many different things like typing this blog or clinging  on to a tube while tubing. Also the dental records of Hominids show that teeth varied with the environment in which the species lived, this is also one of the easiest way to identify early homo ancestors. Bipedal locomotion is all very crucial to the hominid story, making it one, if not, the largest qualifier of hominids.

The article I found was the National Geographic article published September 10, 2015 by Jamie Shreeve; This Face Changes the Human Story. But How?. This article is about a early homo species that was found in a South African Cave called Rising Star. This area was an area that was a hot spot in the 20th century for many hominid bones. They found a large amount of bones that were found; around 18 different individuals ranging from juveniles to senile age. This amount of bones found in such a small area was signs that they were places there as a burial sites by younger generations after death, which was before thought to only be apart of modern humans culture. They called this new species Homo naledi. Although it seem that H. naledi had a tiny brain and apelike shoulders for climbing, but it had enough human qualities joins it to the Homo family branch. Out of all the fossils found the average adult male to be 4 feet 10 inches in height and to weigh 100 to 110 pounds. The evidence was presented very much like the way our lectures are presented and this is because now we have a very well set way of comparing fossils and ordering fossils into set groups that are widely excepted across the world.  The finding of these fossils tells us that there is always more to find and to complete the true story of how we Homo sapiens came to be!

This was a very interesting article to read and they also have a video of where and how the fossil were found, here is a link to the article if interested!

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