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Question part one: What are the categories of evidence (presented in the video and readings) that support the classification of any given species of hominid?

The categories of evidence that support the classification of any given species of hominid is a kneeing-in bone formation, S curved spine, bipedalism, larger brain, teeth begin to have larger molars and the spinal cord is in the middle of the head as compared to the end.

Question part two: Find a media article (from a newspaper, magazine etc.) from the last few years that discusses the discovery of a new hominid species. What supporting evidence is provided in this article? How is it similar or different to the way the evidence is presented in your lecture material? Why you do think this is the case?

On September 10, 2015 an article was posted on the discovery of a new species in the human lineage named Homo Naledi. The species was found when two cavers named Rick Hunter and Steven Tucker discovered a cave and inside the cave they found fossils which they then told geologist Dr. Berger who took a research team to identify the species. Eventually Berger and his research team entered the cave and collected nearly 15 individuals from this species and announced it to the world. The age of the fossil has not been able to be identified yet due to the distorted sediment deposits. The fossil was identified as a new species because the cave was discovered to be no older than 3 million years old, so it put this species in the category of Hominoid as compared to Australopithecus because of the many different features found in the bones such as the jaws, teeth and feet are more similar to humans. The main difference between how they collected the evidence between this new species and what we learned in the lecture is that the bones were identified by the kneeing in bones showing that the species had the ability to walk, also they used dental records in order to find identify which species it is and that’s how they were able to identify Homo Naledi.


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  1. I feel that many of us did our blog post on the Homo Naledi hominid. This is because it is the most recent Hominid found. I like how you brought p the category of using kneeing-in bone information to figure out if the animal walked bipedal. I talked about mode of locomotion is my post but I did not think about the actually bone information that will tell us about how the animal walked. I did talk about using information from hand bones to tell if the animal did a lot of climbing as well as figuring out if the animal had precision and grip like modern humans. I did not see in the article that I read anything about them using kneeing-in bone information so I agree with you on that. I also agree that they did not mention an in depth study of the dentition either. In my article the author mentioned that the teeth were ape-like. I feel that the time period in which the fossil was dated was a big factor in determining that this species was a hominid. The feet were also very similar to modern humans. They even noted that the feet were indistinguishable from modern humans.

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