Assignments & Grading


  • 90 – 100 = 4.0
  • 85 – 89.99 = 3.5
  • 80 – 84.99 = 3.0
  • 75 – 79.99 = 2.5
  • 70 – 74.99 – 2.0
  • 65 – 69.99 = 1.5
  • 60 – 64.99 = 1.0
  • <60 = 0


Exams (25% each) Your entire grade is based on 4 exams spread (roughly) equally throughout the Summer I Session.  The exams will be accessible through Desire 2 Learn (D2L) and will cover everything after the previous exam (including the materials in the week in which the exam appears on the Schedule).  The exams are not cumulative. The first three exams will be open for a period of 48 hours (so students can do them when their schedule allows), opening on a Friday night and closing on a Sunday night.  The fourth exam will only be open for a 12 hour period on the last day of the semester, Thursday June 30th. The exams will be comprised of essay, multiple choice, and fill in the blank type questions.


Bonus Blog Entries (2.5%/ blog) – throughout the semester, students will have the opportunity to do (up to) three bonus blog assignments.  Each blog will be posted to the course website and will be in response to a specific question. The questions and due dates are all listed on the course Schedule. Each bonus blog entry must be at least 350 words. In addition, students must (respectfully and thoughtfully) respond to another student’s post. The response must be at least 200 words in length. Blog entries and responses will be assessed for plagiarism and critical thoughtfulness. If students fulfill all requirements (length, deadline, post, & response) they will receive full bonus marks.  If students fail to meet any of the requirements (don’t meet the length requirements, post but do not respond, respond but do not post, post/response fails a check for plagiarism, etc.) they won’t receive any bonus points. In advance of the first bonus blog assignment, students will receive a login/password for the course website (which is different from your regular MSU login/password). Video tutorials about how to activate your account on the course website, how you post, how you respond, etc. will be available in Tutorials videos under the Schedule tab in the Pre Week 1 section of the course website.