Week Six

June 20 – June 26
Week 6 – The Human Family Tree from the Lower to Middle Paleolithic; Africanus to Neanderthals

Watch and take notes on the lecture videos and read and take notes on the required readings. Optional: bonus blog 3 is due by Friday June 24th at 5pm and blog response 2 is due by Sunday June 26th at 5pm. For more info on expectations for blogs/responses, see the Assignments & Grading section of the WordPress website.

  • Bonus Blog #3 Due (post due Friday by 5pm, response due Sunday by 5pm)

In order for a researcher to declare that they have discovered a new hominid species, they must have supporting evidence that withstands scientific scrutiny.

  • Question part one: What are the categories of evidence (presented in the video and readings) that support the classification of any given species of hominid?
  • Question part two: Find a media article (from a newspaper, magazine etc.) from the last few years that discusses the discovery of a new hominid species. What supporting evidence is provided in this article? How is it similar or different to the way the evidence is presented in your lecture material? Why you do think this is the case?

As always, message me with any questions or concerns.