Hello everyone, my name is Jiaxiang Mu majored in game design come from China and just finish my freshman year. Unfortunately my summer vacation started with a fever. Last week, when the plan landed on Beijing I started  sneeze and l lie in bed for the whole week doing nothing. But the good thing is I have almost restore to health now and I feel all the thing a becoming better now. I hope all my summer course can goes on well too. I went to see the movie ‘The Avengers 3’ with my junior high school classmate last Friday, it is a really good film I can heard the girls scream when Captain America came out and doctor strange died… (lol). We haven’t seen each other for three years since the graduation ceremony. We also have a dinner together. During the dinner we speak a lot because they a study in China, they are very curious about my American campus life. I told them everything I saw in the whole year.  We talked about our future as well, everyone felt upset for the last next three years but also felt excited.

One year American study life brings me a lot and I believe that’s just the beginning of the University life, wish everything goes on well.

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