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Hello, my name is Lauren Engle; I’m a sophomore at the University and majoring in Astrophysics with a dual minor in Spanish and computational mathematics and engineering. The universe and its workings fascinate and inspire me. This year I’m enjoying the summer at home in Michigan, with my family. My family plays a very important role in my life and I love spending time with them. A fun fact about me is I have a twin sister. I enjoy being outside running, mountain biking, and even just sitting and reading. I’m looking forward to spending time on the lake kayaking, swimming, and cursing around on the boat. When I can I like to travel. A few places I have been are Ireland, France, Wales, and England. I love the world and hope to see all of it in my time here. A place I’d love to visit and hope to possibly study abroad in is Spain.

3 thoughts on “Introductory Blog Post

  1. Hey Lauren! I have a twin brother but I didn’t even think to include that as a fun fact haha. Are you identical or fraternal?
    MSU has some awesome awesome study abroad options and decent scholarships so definitely go for it! If you want to try for a cheaper option I know of a really good prgram for your Spanish minor 🙂

    • Hi Taylor! My sister and I are fraternal, what about you and your brother? And, of course, I would love to know about the program you mentioned. Any option that’s cheaper is alwasy the best lol. Thank you!

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