William Kroes Introductory Blog Post

My name is William Kroes. I am usually called Billy. I am attending MSU and am currently studying computer science. I have just finished my first year. I work as an IT intern on campus. When I am not working I listen to a lot of music and in my free time I play guitar. I spend a lot of time playing video games and messing with my computer. I hail from Traverse City but spent a year in high school in Finland on foreign exchange where I finished school while learning Finnish and to interact with a different cultures. Once I graduate I hope to work in software development and ideally I would like to work making Free (libre) Software. I could also see myself doing something with penetration testing (penetration testing is ethical hacking for the sake of exposing vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks) or any combination of the two fields.

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  1. Welcome to the class! I love Finland. Have spent time in Helsinki , Turku, and Oulu. I’ve actually got a research affiliation at the University of Helsinki….though, I’ve never been able to wrap my brain around Finnish.

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