Week 1 Blog Post

I have never heard the word ‘pseudoscience’ before I saw it three days ago. But from the word I found this word is composed by ‘pseudo’ and ‘science’ which means ‘fake science’. So, I guess the word ‘pseudoscience’ may means something a person called it is science but it is not and made lots of people believe him.

I have a real experience about cheat by the pseudoscience. When I was a child, I liked to eat gum because I am the one of few people who can blow bubbles with gum. When I do this, my mother always remind me that do not swallow the gum, because the gum can sick you stomach and gut together. It is sound terrible so I always keep this in my mind when I eat gum until my senior high school.

Now we know that is impossible. Firstly, we have never heard about some one’s stomach and gut were stuck together because of swallow a gum. Secondly, our stomach always keep secrete gastric acid and mucus, which not only can protect our stomach but also very greasily, which means the gum cannot even stay one the stomach not to speak of stick gut together. Finally, the gastric acid and enzyme can also make a denaturation on the gum and made the gum less sticky.

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