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This week, I have chosen to explore the idea that our earth is hollow, and there is another civilization living just beneath us on the surface. This pseudoscience has sparked many debates and has also led to movies being made- such as Journey to the Center of the Earth and At Earths Core. This idea of another land inside our own started out as folklore or legends in many religions as a ‘place’ to go in the afterlife, as seen through the Greek, Nordic, Celtic religions. All these religions describe a similar space for the afterlife- which is a cave or caverns underneath the surface of the earth that not only had entrances that the living could enter through, but also exits for the dead to revisit the living. The Greeks talked specifically about caverns underneath the surface, and they had different entrances all around their country for the living to enter the underworld. One of their Gods occupied the chambers. Celtic, on the other hand, has one cave below earths surface- also known as the ‘Irish gate to Hell’. There are stories of knights that went into the cave on conquests and never came back. In specific areas of Ireland, people believed that legendary creatures would emerge from these caves to inhabit the surface of the earth. This kind of information was passed through word of mouth and their religious text. Today, people believe that there is more of an underground area that can house civilization that scientists and even the government is hiding from the public. Some also believe that the entrance to this hollow earth is located at the poles in one small entrance. One leader of this movement planned an $20,000 per-person expedition to find this entrance, which was later cancelled. These believers also think that there is a secondary sun hiding in our center and the center holds an Eden-like quality with super humans that are extremely tall and never get sick. This kind of pseudoscience idea created some of the movies we see today, as in Journey to the Center of the Earth.
To shift this theory of underground caverns or caves housing civilization from pseudoscience to science would require the aid of technology. One of the first scientific reasons why a hollow core could not exist is because the presence of the magnetic field around earth. This magnetic field is caused by our molten core of iron and other metals, that causes an electric current to flow through it- giving us our magnetic field. The ever-changing magnetic fields of this earth also strengthens this argument, as our core is always moving due to the circulation of the metal (just like our water circulates). Then, we have the evidence of volcanoes and hot spots all over our world. If our earth was hollow, this could not happen. Our earth has a hot molten metal core that heats up the crust, causing it to erupt in the form of volcanoes and create islands like Hawaii with hot spots.
Before this class, I thought pseudoscience was just conspiracy theories that some people believe due to the sometimes-convincing facts attached to them. Many times, these pseudoscience theories are a reach, but sometimes you’ll get them with logical evidence if you disregard the science of it all. But now I know that pseudoscience is a lot more than just a conspiracy theory. Off the top of my head, I don’t believe in any pseudoscience’s, but I’m sure that there are a few that I’m not thinking of.

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  1. I can see why many people including intelligent scientists may think the earth has a hollow core. As a society we don’t know much and cannot access the earth’s inner core directly. We must rely solely on wave frequencies, seismic activity, and logical theory. Personally, I do not believe the earth is hollow due to most logical theories that deal with volcanoes and samples from certain rocks. However, the hollow earth theory suggests that the inner earth would need a central sun and many skeptics believe the core is almost if not as hot as this sun. This suggestion may make it simple for people to believe of an entirely different ecosystem being able to survive beneath us. Also, the idea of aquafers and other fresh water trapped beneath the earth’s surface gives the idea of a sustainable life. All in all I would rely more on the study of wave frequencies rather than beliefs but both theories of earths core do not have enough compelling evidence to guarantee what is all down beneath the surface.

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