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A common known pseudoscience theory is The Bermuda Triangle, also known as The Devil’s Triangle. A place located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. Known for many disappearances of planes and ships. Many people believe that it is very mysterious; however, proof of its existence is not backed up with evidence. Many people believe that the disappearances were some kind of paranormal incident. Though this theory is impossible knowing that many ships, and aircrafts have traveled through, and over the Bermuda Triangle.  There is evidence that shows a lot of the reports about the Bermuda Triangle incidents are false or exaggerated. There is and isn’t a way to test the theory that many people want to know. Was this paranormal or was it just a common plane crash or a ship sinking. However, this theory testing could turn out to be dangerous on many levels. One could seriously get hurt or it may prove that the theories are true.

Before I watched the videos and did the readings I knew nothing about the word pseudoscience. I never knew that it was a word that described ideas, or events that aren’t necessarily backed up by fact.  Now learning about the word, my perception of the term is that it explains theories that lack factual evidence. Also, my understanding is that most pseudoscience theories are fake news that have been exaggerated. Knowing the definition of the word proves the theory of the Bermuda Triangle incidents to be made up, or just a coincidence.

Something I thought was scientific was the moon landing. I never knew the whole man landing on the moon was not true, or the story was I always believed that it was something that really happened. Now that I read one of my peers reading I know that it was not backed up with evidence; therefore, it’s not factual evidence, so it never really happened. There were also many other pseudoscience theories that interested me. One pseudoscience theory that I found interesting was Extra-Sensory Perception. Its interesting because it’s about people developing abilities. It’s a topic that haves me a little skeptical, but if this is, in any way, scientifically possible then I’m eager to learn about its possibilities. Although it’s not really proven that one can do that, there is room for discovery, much like the Bermuda Triangle, and other non proven theories. Most of the pseudoscience theories I’ve looked into and read about are very attention drawing; moreover, this class is definitely the space for me.

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  1. I remember watching hour long specials about the “mystery” of the Bermuda Triangle on the History Channel as a kid. They would talk about Flight 19 and the vast number of ships and planes that would go missing for hours, almost always disregarding any evidence of human error or weather related issues in favor of speculating supernatural phenomena such as alien abductions or intervention from Atlantis.The rate of shipwrecks and plane crashes is comparable to other high traffic shipping lanes, but that fact is usually left out in favor making the number of wrecks look astronomical compared to global averages. Another piece of information that is usually not talked about by people spouting “proof” of supernatural occurrences is that a majority of the Bermuda Triangle is over deep ocean, which would make finding wrecks pretty difficult on their own, but also is made more difficult by the fact that the “Devil’s Triangle” is also encompassed by the Gulf Stream, which can spread debris from wrecks up to hundreds of miles. It makes me sad looking at the current state of the “History” Channel because not only do they constantly make shows about pseudoscience like “Ancient Aliens”, but they also fill shows that could be interesting with the science alone, like the Bermuda Triangle, with stuff about Atlantis or aliens.

  2. I love the phenomenon of the Bermuda triangle. I love how mysterious and dangerous all of the stories make it. It would always give me chills as a kid thinking that there is a place that would literally make you disappear. As you said, trying to prove the occurrence is probably impossible and dangerous for the poor souls who try to test the theory, so we will most likely never know for sure! Oceans are most likely too deep to venture into, and just the idea of even locating a wreck of some sort sounds impossible. The Bermuda Triangle is also known (I believe) to cause a lot of interference with technology and communications. So say we do send a team out there to try to discover a wreck or paranormal activity, we may never know! Then we would have to send in another team to find them. (haha) If the Bermuda Triangle and the stories are in fact true, maybe whatever “force” is out there only selects certain ships, planes, people that all have something in common or something. Until any new discoveries are made about the triangle though, it will at least be entertaining topic of discussion. When thinking of topics to write about, I completely forgot about the Bermuda Triangle, so I’m glad I came across your post!

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