Week 2 Blog Post

Long long ago, when people laying on the grass looking at the vastness of the sky people at the first time concerning about the question’ where did I come form? Where did the mountain, the river, the rock, the grass all the stuff come from?’  After this, human step on the way of discover the origin of the life.

That is how the topic I want to talk about came form, the creationism. Human always try to explain the thing they seen. However, most of the time they can’t but in order to explain it people imagine their must have someone create all the things then, creationism came out, made all the thing explained. Creationism believed that all species in the biological world, as well as the heavenly bodies and the earth, were created by god.Once everything in the world is created, no change will occur, and even if there is a change, it will only change within the range of the species, and it is absolutely impossible to form a new species. Creationism also holds that all kinds of organisms are isolated and have no relationship with each other.

The person who first talked about the creationism is my English teacher. My mother is an science researcher so I felt the conversation is ridiculous. But the most annoying thing is that I know she is wrong but I cannot contradict her. When I grow up, I found all the things she said can all explained by science.

For example, she said ” If you said creature are obey evolutionism but how eyes, such complex organ can be create from evolution?” I was shocked, it is true that eyes is the most complex organ on our body I have never heard or read something about the evolution of eyes I even cannot imagine it. However, few years later I saw a book called ‘basic biology’ their are five clear picture explain the evolution of eyes step by step from a simple cell to today’s complex organ.

From that, I found the reason why more and more people believe in science rather that others because science explain much better. From simple to complex step y step use experience and evidence to let people said ” oh, you are right”.


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