Week 4 Blog Post

Before the class the only two way that I can got information about archaeology is from video games and TV. Tell the truth, when people talk about archaeology the first thing come into my mind is a group of person dig dinosaur’s bone or jump around on the ruins in a unknown cave like Laura in tomb rider or even need fight with some mistery creatures sometime. However, after the class, I found all the things I thought about archaeology are totally wrong or just a part of it.  The real archaeology is include lot of things.

Archaeology is the scientific study of human society through material culture, and the material culture is physical manifestations of human culture activity. I this case, archaeology have a really wide range such as: portray, ancient ruins, tomb, bones or even the ancient waste yard. On the other hand, the job of archaeologist not only just discover things but also need to record and analyze it. This is the most important and the most time consuming job, archaeologist need to write a report to record everything they found in the discover and save them into the data base to make sure everyone in any time can read them. If not, all the work they do before will just wast time because of no one knows.

The are some cross between paleoanthropology and archaeology. Both of them are try to know about the past of human by using their own way. In my opinion,  paleoanthropology is more focus on human our-self more interested in how human become what we look like today.  Paleoanthropology is focus in the evolution of human physically. But archaeology are focus on human’s life, how people live at that time, which is professor said in the video:” Archaeology is the scientific study of human society”.

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