Week 5 Blog Post

Before this class, when people are talking about Paleolithic period the only thing I thought about is stone, stone tool, or monkeylike people. I even did not know Paleolithic can be divide into lower, middle, and upper Paleolithic, everything is unknown for me. I was very surprised that the ancient could make such delicate stone tool.

Paleolithic, I China people called this ‘the period of stone tool’. In this period, human stared to processed the stone into different tool and use it in their life to make life more convenient. The earliest stone tool called ‘the old wan’ archaeologist found it in ‘Olduvai gorge’ in Tanzania. It is small and round, people sometime called it pepel tools. It has only one sharp blade use for cut. Actually, their are three kinds of old wan, they are: choppers, scrapers and ponders. The all have their own uses. In my opinion,  this just like different knife in our home to make dishes. The most common one is the choppers, used for cut. The sharp blade can cut animal’s skin really easy. Oldwan as an organ stone tool also be called the ‘mode one’ by the archaeologist. Oldwan represent the first create and use the tool to make there life easier, which is an distinctive point during the human evolution.

Another stone tool called ‘Acheuleam’ which also called ‘model two’. This stone is much bigger than Oldwan and also more delicate than Oldwan.  Acheuleam is a kind of hand ax ,because it is to take one with you, and have two blade on the opposite side called bifacial. Ancient people use a special way to remove stone piece form the core which always cryptocrystalline stone. From this tool, we find the tool are not only a tool but also a weapon it can used to hunt, and the delicate making process also represent the development of intelligence of human during the evolution.

The last one is ‘Clactonian’. This is a branch of Acheuleam. It is also bifacial but smaller than Acheuleam and also have a part can connect with a handle such as connect with a stick to make a spear, which means hunter can hunt animal safer and more efficient.

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