Week 6 Blog Post

After viewing today’s video, I was surprised again by the talent of the antient people. Both middle paleolithic and upper paleolithic and draft fascination artifact. All this thing is made me open my eyes and made know lots of things I did not know before. Both middle paleolithic and upper paleolithic are a part of period of paleolithic. In Pleistocene archaeologist according to the Hight divide Pleistocene in three cultural periods: lower paleolithic, middle paleolithic and upper paleolithic. In this week’s videos I learned about the higher paleolithic and middle paleolithic.

In middle paleolithic, archaeologist first found social organization. People lived in a group hunting and gathered the food together. The appear of the social organization means a big step to the modern human. As for the stone tool, there also have something new happened during the middle paleolithic. Firstly, the Mousterian people, lived in 300000 to 30000 years ago, design a new type of stone tool which we called ‘model three’. This kind of tool tradition are also bifacial, and it is smaller than the ‘stone ax’ we talked about last time. On the other hand, Aterian also have their own stone tool. The most noticeable things on the stone tool is there is a small tang on every stone tool, this tine thing is use for to connected something with it, for example, people can connect it with a stick to make a spire which is an efficient and safe weapon for hunters to hunting animals.

The upper paleolithic is the period that attracted me and surprised me most. During the upper paleolithic, it is the first-time human can say that they have their own civilization. The life in the upper paleolithic it totally different with that in middle and lower paleolithic. First, people started have funeral, they bury their dead members and put flower on it. This means people start have belief, they start try to explain the things happened around them, it is the first time human start explore the unknown. One the ground, human also start exploring, people started to trade each other and move out of Africa to Europe and many other places, human start spired all over the world. On the stone tool technology, upper paleolithic also have a big change than the middle paleolithic people started make all kinds of stone tool to do many different things. People made needle to make cloth also made harpoons to hunt fish.

All this thing in upper paleolithic are represent that upper paleolithic have a big evolution on middle paleolithic.

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