Week 7 Blog Post

In this week’s class, we talked about an evolution, the evolution that made people from stone age to the agriculture period, we called the Neolithic revolution. After the Neolithic revolution, people are no longer hunting at the risk of life. People get rid of the hunting and gathering life. People find a much easier way to live on this world. The way is agriculture.

The Neolithic revolution happened in different time with different place. Just like today, different contraries are in development, anyway, after all they do not start the revolution at the same time. Agricultural society include two part, the plant and animal. During this period people first time domestication both of them. The reason why people need to domesticate them is that the wild plant is always lake nutrition which means, the plant will produce less seed, also the plant will lose their seed by accident due to the rain or wind and the nature accident. On the other hand, the wild animal is always more offensive than the domestication one. According to the picture today, we are easy to find that the horn on the animal head wild always have bigger one than the domestication one is. Low risk and controllability made agriculture become a new life way in that period, and eventually eliminate the hunting and gathering lifestyle.

Agriculture give a group of people a stable food supply. So, human do not need to move from one place to another place. Most of them are choosing to live in one particular place. Slowly, sedentary community is formed. And many different sedentary community are going to trade each other, which will have attracted more and more human come and live here, then urban is appear. Along with urban becoming bigger and bigger a state or empire finally formed.

In the lecture, professor the are four necessary conditions to form an empire, there are irrigation, uralitization, technology or trade and warfare. All these four conditions are based on agriculture. So, I can say it is the emergence of agriculture eventually led to the rise of the state, agriculture developments led to the emergence of agriculture, agriculture developments led to the rise of the state and the development of agriculture were used to identify the emergence of agriculture and to identify the rise of the state.

In today’s world, we call the agriculture as primary industry which mean the basic of a contrary is agriculture.

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