Week Seven Blog Post

Based on the passage,  my  beliefs towards the emergence of agriculture is said to have led to the rise of the states. As the closing of the ice age begins to diminish, and the temperature and sea levels slowly rises, the planet, and its organisms die off. A large group of animals including mammals and cave bears rapidly started to become extinct. Plants, also being included in this section started to die off. With that being said modern humans had to adjust to the new changes being made. Which brings us to domestication. Modern Humans started to domesticate animals and plants. They did it to fit their desires and need. With modern humans doing that it cause for a better population. With more food being in one area individuals didn’t have to travel so much and they cold stay put in one area. With individuals staying put in one area it caused for the population to grow and with the increase it caused power to come into play. This plays a part in the rise of the states. With huge populations coming into play environments had to be controlled. Another thing that comes in play is trade. Not everybody in different areas could grow the same things as others. So different groups began to trade.

The emerge of agriculture was identified through heavy tools or large tools. An example would be sickle used for plants or grinders used for wheat.With the emerge of agriculture it helped with tool development. Most of these tools are still in use in today’s time. When it comes to the emergence of agriculture and the rise of the state it was an achievement. Not only did they improve their ways they found a new way of living. When it came to the emerge of agriculture it advanced in number, individuals became more intelligent in what they were doing. They found a better  way of living, leading to the rise of states. With the rise of states it keep communities in order and manage what they were doing and how. To this day we still use the system even if its in a different way.  The emerge of agricultral and the rise of states both corlate with each other. One lead to the other becoming more complex. The emerge of agriculture kind of force the rise of states into play. Leading to a tradition that is carried on through many years.