Week 1: Science, What it is and Why It’s Awesome

This week, we’re going to be starting out our exploration of the story of us by looking at the fundamental tool archaeologists and paleoanthropologist use to ask and answer questions about our biological and cultural evolution over time – Science! What is science?  How does it work?  What is (and how can we spot) pseudoscience?  All are questions we’ll explore this week.

Lecture Videos

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  • Introductory Blog Post (May 15th by 11:59pm EST.): Introduce yourself to your classmates in 150-words, include your year in school, major, where you’re from, what you like to do outside of school, and some fun facts about yourself. You may also include a photo, which can be uploaded into your post.
  • Week 1 Exam (available on D2L from May 16 at 9am EST to May 20 at 11:59pm EST)
  • Week 1 Blog Post (due Friday May18th by 11:59pm EST).  Prompt: For the first blog post, find an example of pseudoscience (different from those discussed in class), discuss what kind of scientific evidence you would need to prove the theory, shifting it from pseudo- to real-science. Discuss your preconceived notions of the word ‘pseudoscience’, did you know what it was before starting this class? Are there things that you thought were scientific that may actually be pseudoscience? Be sure to select the Week 1 Blog Post category
  • Week 1 Blog Comments (due Sunday May 20th  by 11:59pm EST)