Week 5: Archaeology of Human Evolution, The Lower Paleolithic

This week, we’ll be turning our eye towards using archaeology (and a little bit of Paleoanthropology) to understand the emergence of our genus – Homo.  In particular, we’ll look at some of our more recent ancestors – Homo habilis and Homo erectus.  All of this will be done within the context of a period called the Lower Paleolithic.

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  • Week 5 Exam (available on D2L from June 13 at 9:00am EST and must be completed by Saturday June 17 at 11:59pm EST)
  • Week 5 Blog Post (due June 15 by 11:59pm EST).  Prompt: Discuss the tool traditions of the Lower Paleolithic period. How are the archaeological materials of each tradition different from one another? How are these materials similar? Think critically about the characteristics used to differentiate these traditions. How do each of the traditions tell a different part of the human story? Be sure to select the Week 5 Blog Post category
  • Week 5 Blog Comments (due June 17 by 11:59pm EST.