Week 6: Archaeology of Human Evolution, The Middle and Upper Paleolithic

This week, we’re going to be focusing on the archaeology of the Middle and Upper Paleolithic.  There are two particularly important parts to this discussion.  First, we’ll look at Neanderthals. How did they live?  How were they related to us?  All are very interesting questions.  Second, we’re going to look at the emergence of anatomically modern humans – us!

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  • Week 6 Exam (available on D2L from June 20 at 9:00am EST and must be completed by Saturday June 24 at 11:59pm EST)
  • Week 6 Blog Post (due June 22 by 11:59pm EST).  Prompt: Think critically about and discuss the differences between the Middle and Upper Paleolithic periods. Specifically discuss the changes in tool technologies from the Middle Paleolithic to the Upper Paleolithic periods. Do you think these changes account for the differentiation of tool traditions?  Be sure to select the Week 6 Blog Post category
  • Week 6 Blog Comments (due June  24  by 11:59pm EST)