Week 7: Archaeology of Human Evolution, Emergence of Agriculture and the Rise of the State

This week, we’re going to finishing up our look at the story of us.  Most importantly, we’re going to look at how, at about 10, 000 BC or so, humans switched from being small groups of hunter-gatherers (a subsistence strategy that had worked fine for millions of years) to being increasingly large groups of settled communities who engaged in agriculture.  From there, we’re going to finish the class up by looking at how cities and ancient states emerged not long after.  Remember, this is the last week of the semester, and ends early –  Thursday (the 28th).

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  • Week 7 Exam (available on D2L from June 25 at 9:00am EST and must be completed by June 28 at 11:59pm EST)
  • Week 7 Blog Post (due Tuesday June 26 by 11:59pm EST).  Prompt: Do you think the emergence of agriculture eventually led to the rise of the state? What cultural developments led to the emergence of agriculture? What cultural developments led to the rise of the state? What archaeological materials were used to identify the emergence of agriculture and to identify the rise of the state? Compare the emergence of agriculture with the rise of the state. Be sure to select the Week 7 Blog Post category
  • Week 7 Blog Comments (due June 28  by 11:59pm EST)