Associate Professor of Anthropology
Director, MSU Campus Archaeology Program
Historical Archaeology, Immigration, Citizenship and National Identity, Late 19th/Early 20th Century United States, Tourism Studies, Public Archaeology, Digital Archaeology, Heritage Management and Curation

Associate Professor
Director, Peace and Justice
State Violence, History, Memory, Trauma, Human Rights, Law, Transitional Justice, Power and Politics, Knowledge, Documents, Archives, Fiction, Film and Photography, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Timor Leste

Associate Professor
Director, MSU Forensic Anthropology Laboratory
Physical Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Human Osteology

Women & International Development Program
Women and Development Program, International Studies and Programs, Environment and development, Agrarian systems, Feminist and gender studies, Medical anthropology; Southern Africa, Central America

Associate Professor
Founder, Biomarker Laboratory for Anthropological Research
Maternal and Child Nutrition/Health, Micronutrient Deficiency, Breastmilk Research, Evolutionary Medicine, Biomarker Methods, East Africa; Brazil

Professor of Anthropology
Director, Campus Archaeology Program
Adjunct Curator, MSU Museum
Archaeology, Mortuary Analysis, Late Prehistoric Cultures of the Eastern Woodlands, Landscape Use and Change, Historic Archaeology, Public Archaeology

Assistant Professor
Biological Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Ancestry, Quantitative Methods, Categorical Data Analysis, Data Mining, Spatial Analysis, Trauma Analysis

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology
Assistant Professor, Global Urban Studies Program
Middle East - Lebanon, Jordan, Anthropology of Development, Urban Theory, Anthropology of Civil Conflict and "War Economies", Post Conflict Reconstruction

(aka Heather Howard-Bobiwash)
Assistant Professor
Affiliated Faculty, American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program, Native American Institute
Medical Anthropology, Indigenous Peoples Health, Technologies of Chronic Illness Management, Community-Driven Methodologies, Politics of Knowledge Production in Cultural, Heritage, Health, and Social Service Delivery Organizations

Medical Anthropology, Concepts of Racial/Ethnic Variation, Medical and Research Ethics, Culture of Biomedicine, Health Care Policy, Health Disparities, Race and Genetics, Health Care Systems

Associate Professor of Anthropology
ON LEAVE 2016-2017
Shi‘i and Sunni Islam; Religious Conversion; Migration and Diasporas; Transnationalism; Cosmopolitanism; Globalization and Development; Charity and Humanitarianism; Ethnicity; State/Society Relations; Non-Governmental Organizations; West Africa (Senegal); Middle East and N. Africa; East Africa (Tanzania); Islam in the UK and US

Associate Professor
Director, Asian Pacific American Studies

Professor, Department of Anthropology
Curator of Anthropology, MSU Museum
Editor, Midwest Archaeological Perspectives Book Series
Hunter Gatherer Archaeology and Ethnography, The Transition to Horticulture, Applied Theory, Analytic Methods and Research Design, Human-Environment Interactions and Regional Taphonomy, Paleoenvironmental Change, Public Policy including Forensic Archaeology, Law Enforcement Training, and Repatriation, Great Lakes/Midwest and Europe

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
Director, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Conservation, Protected Areas, and Environmental Government, Economic Development, Ecotourism, Indigenous Rights Struggles and the Production of International Indigenous Rights Law, Maya Studies, Central America, Belize

Assistant Professor
Medical Anthropology; Bioethics; Biotechnology; Global Health; Organ Trafficking; Medical Tourism; Embodiment; Human Rights; Bodily Inequality; Activism; International Development; South and Southeast Asia, North America.

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
Affiliated Faculty, American Indian Studies
American Indian Communities, Indigneous language maintenance and revitalization, Indigenous knowledge and transmission, Language Ideologies and Language Policy, Ethnohistory

Associate Professor
Indigenous Peoples of North America, Environmental and Heritage Resource Management, Landscape and Applied Geospatial Studies, Traditional Knowledge Systems, North American Archaeology, Archaeology Policy and Law, NAPGRA and Repatriation, Public and Applied Archaeology, Community Based Participatory Research Methods

Department Chair
Associate Professor
Assistant Curator of Great Lakes Archaeology, MSU Museum
Prehistory of North America with specialization in Midwest/Great Lakes region, Late prehistoric/historic communities and interaction, Archaeology of gender and foodways, Museums, Public Archaeology

Associate Professor, Dept. of Anthropology
Core Faculty Member, Asian Studies Center
Core Faculty Member, Muslim Studies Program
Medical Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Religion, Traditional Medicine, Hinduism, Islam, South Asia

Assistant Professor
Intercultural relations (international students in the United States, critical approaches to "intercultural competence"); online teaching (pedagogy, user experience); restructuring of U.S. higher education; Latin America; contemporary United States; digital and visual media

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology
political ecology, water governance, infrastructure, indigeneity, Latin America, U.S.-México Borderlands

Assistant Professor (Fixed-term)
Indigenous Social Movements, Identity Formation, Tourism Development, Gender, Intersectionality, Ch'orti' Maya, Western Honduras

Assistant Professor
Linguistic Anthropology, Gender, Youth, Europe

Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Associate Director, MATRIX: Center for Digital Humanities & Social Sciences
Director, Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative
Digital Archaeology & Heritage, Heritage Studies, Egyptian Archaeology (Predynastic), Pseudoarchaeology, Public & Community Archaeology

Associate Professor, Anthropology
Director, Central Belize Archaeological Survey (CBAS) Project
Bioarchaeology, Maya, Caves